Meeting Minutes – Mountain Acres, Inc. HOA –  January 14, 2016

1.      Meeting came to order and President Terry Ogerly read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Minutes were accepted as read.

2.      Terry Mitchell, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s report

3.      It was announced that Mike McClure had resigned from the board.  A motion was made and carried that Mary Ann Meese be made a director; the vote was unanimous.

4.      Vice President Matt Sanders was unable to attend but sent an email that emphasized the need to be careful regarding any potential investment of our funds since we are a non-profit organization. CDs are recommended. Discussion ensued.

5.      Mr. Ogerly discussed the option to allocate dues money to a specific expense category; this option was approved by consensus.  Henceforth such designated deposits will be identified as such.

6.      Matt Cantrell talked about internet service.  He has met the owner of Neteo.CO, a new local company that uses radio technology.  The owner has contacted Terry Ogerly for some discussion regarding the possible placement of a radio antenna in our neighborhood.  This service (according to the owner) can go through trees, but not mountains, and is much faster than other available alternatives.  Anyone interested in this new approach to rural internet service should call the company at 720-600-0770 and express that interest since they do not currently service this area but are looking to expand.  Their plan is to communicate more of this potential expansion to our residents.  Mr. Cantrell said he would develop a flyer, and Mr. Ogerly said he would help develop additional material.

7.      New board member Mary Ann Meise mentioned the need for a plumber for our building, regarding the hot water baseboard heating. 

8.      Ms. Meise reported expecting to hear tomorrow whether our HOA will get an attorney through a pro-bono legal services association for HOAs.  They propose to offer a service that would include a review of our By-Laws (i.e., check for compliance with applicable statutes, etc.).

9.      Regarding the special use permit process (needed for the new pre-school to become established in the HOA building), Ms. Meise met with Christina Ferrel with JeffCo Planing & Zoning.  Our request has been referred to the appropriate committee.  She notes that the pre-application process is generally favorable, but they recommend we actually ask for a re-zoning, not a special use permit.  She shared other thoughts regarding the legal aspects of the re-zoning proposal, and also noted that in 1994 we were approved for “non-conforming use” (or similar) for the HOA building.  A committee comprised of the officers and board members will meet on Saturday, 2/6 at 1pm.  Ms. Meise is to scan and email copies of the relevant documents prior to that meeting.

10.  Board member Karen Griffin mentioned that one of our neighbors had been denied a loan because of the condition of our neighborhood roads.

11.  Terry Mitchell mentioned talking with our insurance agent regarding our policy. 

12.  Terry Ogerly noted that he was notified that a lot on Warren Road was being offered for sale as a buildable lot, but the lot was not actually suited for building.

13.  Ogerly then mentioned that the church which previously leased our HOA building had expressed an interest in coming back.  Someone noted that, when the church was using the building before, it was actually in violation of the zoning categorization at that time.  There followed more discussion about zoning, and the school personnel offered to help out in away they could regarding the process.

14.  Andreas Suter offered to help with a website for Mountain View Lakes.  TO mentioned the use of PineCam in this regard.  Discussion ensued.

15.  Next meeting of the MAI HOA is scheduled for Saturday, February 13 at 10am. 

/s/ Terry Mitchell, acting secretary