Mountain View Lakes Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 10:04a.m.
Minutes read and accepted as read.

Treasure’s report
Update on Special Use Permit for HOA building:
• Not as easy as we thought.
• Must re-zone
• 1 st step: County will facilitate a community meeting.
• Total time to complete process: Approx 6 months
• Questions and concerns: Will there be an increase in property taxes if re-
zoned? What is the increase in noise and traffic?
Tori’sTot supdate:
• License: have everything setup before the state can come in and approve.
• Need 2 toilets if over 20 kids
• Target opening is July of 2016
• Need fire inspection certificate, health department certificate, and zoning papers.
Church has made some communication that they may be wanting to come back to the building.
Internet service:
• Neteo
• Many members present interested
• Will ask Neteo to come to meeting for Q&A
• Member to invite Woodside to see if any members interested in service.
Old Well
• Is it plugged?
• If so, need volunteer to cut off pipe and bury.
MaryAnn presented a list of repairs to the HOA building that need addressed:

• Boiler was installed in 1993. May need replaced/serviced soon (need estimate).
• Hole in front of building that use to be a vent. Needs covered/patched.
• All locks replaced (done).
• Replace seamless gutter.
• Outlets in bathrooms and kitchen need to be GFI’s (done).
• Stair lights outside, how do they work, where is the switch. (found)
• Baseboard heater that goes through wall in office needs to not go through the wall.
• Fix float in upstairs toilet (done).
• Repairs to shed.
• Need septic specs (done).
Presentation on new website beta.
• Overhauled and ready to go.
• Needs info to fill pages.
• May hook up to local WeatherUnderground.
• Open website. No login needed.
• Discussion about county rules regarding trees coming out of right of way.

Sparky would like to spearhead the road project which may move forward (legal counsel pending) when the weather clears.
Next Meeting set for March 16, 2016 at 6:30pm.
Meeting adjourned at 11:15a.m.