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HOA Meeting Minutes, July 14, 2021

MV Lakes Meeting Minutes 07/14/21

6 p.m. Opening and welcome by Mike. Introduction of members in attendance. 15 members in attendance. 5 members are new to the neighborhood. 

Complaint about activity of neighbors brought to attention – trash and camping: Adjoining neighbor volunteers to speak to property owner to clean up. Zoning complaint would be next option if not addressed. 

Linda reports that she spoke to Colorado Natural Gas serviceman who was surveying lines. He stated that they were preparing to dig the lines deeper.

Agenda items: 

State of HOA: Currently have a vice president (Mike) and secretary (Casey).

There are bylaws but they are 30+ years old. The association owns the ponds, the building and a handful of partial very small plots. 

The income being generated yearly falls very short of expenses which is $10k in the last two and a half years. Post-meeting edit: Expense and income timeframe are over a period of 2.5 years, not 1.5 years as was stated during the meeting.

There is $37k in our account. Insurance is the biggest expense with natural gas and electric being the next biggest. 

Priorities need to focus on the building and how to generate income from renting. 

What is a “voluntary HOA”? 

People can choose to be a part and choose to pay annual dues but are not bound by any covenants. The HOA does not have the ability to enforce any complaints but can be a forum for discussion. We seek to protect the public spaces we have. 


  1. Fix the lower dam. 
  2. Officer elections. Director elections
  3. Build the bank account
  4. Build sense of community

Voiced Member concerns: Roads, ponds, gas lines, fire mitigation, sense of community, fish stocking in the future, broadband.

Elections and nominations: 

Nominations for officers need to occur at this meeting and at next meeting in October 2021, elections occur for officers. Nominations for directors would occur at this meeting. 

January 2022 director’s elections occur. 

Nominations for President: Mike LeFever

Nomination for Vice President: Matt Sanders

Nomination for Secretary: Nate Allen

Nomination for Treasurer: Casey Allen

Next meeting will have final nominations for officers and elections for officers. Nominations for directors at next meeting. 

HOA Meeting Minutes, October 27, 2019

Meeting Minutes:

3 resident/homeowners attended as well as 2 officers, President Austin Schaefer and Vice President Mike LeFever, for a total of 5 people.


  • Good turnout and added a few more members

Report of Officer: Budget

  • One deposit for sale of property. Otherwise, no unusual expenses/income

Discussion on what to do with other HOA properties. Ideas included:

  • Collection area for road base
  • Fire mitigation demonstration area – example of what is “fire mitigated”
  • Outdoor recreation/fitness area

Upate on bylaws:

  • Most recent draft will be posted to HOA website
  • The officers may ask members to vote on whether this version is worthy of sending to a lawyer for paid legal advice

Begin searching for a new president:

  • The current President, Austin Schaefer, will likely leave before his term has ended

Open discussion:

  • Fire mitigation: John Van Doren of Fire Adapted Bailey assessed the neighborhood. To provide for the community’s need, the HOA can support support fire mitigation education but, as a voluntary member organization, the HOA is not able to require or be responsible for ensuring that fire mitigation is carried through
  • Roads: The HOA does not own the roads; it is not the responsibility of the HOA to ensure the roads are safe, maintained, or otherwise cared for
  • Discussed insurance for Hockey/Ice skating related events. To protect the Association from liabilities.
  • Should we the officers purchase a sign to help inform our members. Website is not enough.

HOA Meeting Minutes, June 9, 2019


11 resident/homeowners attended as well as 2 officers, President Austin Schafer and Secretary/Treasurer Casey Hughes, for a total of 13  people.

Introduction by HOA President Austin Schafer, attendees introduced as well

Austin read minutes from last meeting, held May 9th 2019


  • A discussion about the proposed bylaws followed
    • Contact was made to Toussant & Coaty HOA Attorney’s Office.
      • No desire to spend money on advice at this time.
    • Our HOA is a non-profit organization, as documented from the IRS dated December 31st 1964,
    • We need to file paperwork requesting pro-bono legal assistance wherever possible                                                                                                                                              
    • The aim is to get bylaws current and legal
    • last updated in 1984

Homeowners posed questions on issues and discussion followed on:

  • What are we trying to accomplish?
    • Do we have a mission statement
    • Do we want to be an HOA? Or a Co-op?
  • Income
    • Dues
    • Asset distribution
  • Road maintenance
    • A separate meeting was proposed to gather volunteers and discuss
      • Safety
      • fire mitigation
      • Legal Scrub
      • Gas lines
        • Per Co Nat. Gas, State, County — you hit the gas line – you buy it.
  • Ponds
    • Maintenance
    • Ice hockey
  • The HOA building,
    • turn into rental?
    • Zoning of the Building? MR2? Address?
    • Repairs needed to bring up to code
      • Basement
      • Doors
      • Fire/Security systems


  • Increasing awareness/attendance of HOA meetings
    • need 10 members to vote on anything
    • Newsletter proposed
    • Identifying community outreach
    • Calendar on website
  • Proposed usage for HOA building
    • Community center for residents, usages may include
      • Craft Fairs
      • Bingo
      • Hockey
      • Community garden
      • Rental for private functions
        • Fees proposed
          • $50/4 hours
          • $100 all day
        • Cleaning
        • Deposit
    • Acquisition/Donation of goods and services
      • Furniture
      • Paint, flooring, kitchen equipment, etc.
    • Center-improvement day
      • Painting and repairs
      • Playground/park grounds spruce-up
      • Date TBA
  • Hunting arrows found on private property
    • Two separate incidents/residents with small children
    • Turned over to CPW for investigation
  • Community/resident Picnic Saturday July 6th
    • Ponds/Community Building
    • 10 AM —2 PM, weather determining factor
    • Chips, soda provided
    • Games, entertainment
    • BBQ Challenge
      • grill provided
      • Attendees bring own meat
    • Sign by mailboxes
  • Planning for ponds this winter
    • Hockey leagues

submitted by Secretary Casey Hughes

HOA Special Meeting Minutes, May 9, 2019

Mountain Acres, Inc. HOA Special Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2019

Officers in attendance: Austin Schaefer (president), Michael LeFever (vice president), Andreas Suter (secretary/treasurer)

8 neighbors in attendance.

Called to order at 7:03

  1. Michael LeFever gave a brief history of the HOA
  2. Introduction of officers and neighbors
  3. Matthew Sanders nominates Casey Hughes as Secretary and Treasurer CARRIES
  4. Discussion on bylaws. Discussion ensued (see notes)
  5. Discussion on attorney.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00

Recorded by Andreas Suter

HOA Meeting Minutes, March 17, 2019

Mountain Acres, Inc. HOA Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2019

Officers in attendance: Austin Schaefer (President), Michael LeFever (Vice-President), Andreas Suter (Secretary/Treasurer).
14 neighbors in attendance. Called to order 2pm.

I) Reading of the minutes from previous meeting

II) Reports of officers

   a) Budget

   b) Intro of Updated Bylaws (PLEASE READ ATTACHED DOCUMENT)

Terry Ogerly gave an update from his discussions with the Secretary of State and DORA.

         1) Rental Agreement

Matthew Sanders spoke about his rental/bylaw research and what the bylaws need to specify to ensure we can rent it. Discussion ensued.

III) Unfinished business

      a) Questions for Bylaws and Rental Agreement

IV)  New Business

     a) Kris Cooper from Anchorage Farms

Kris introduced herself and talked about her history with the community. There is a B&B available at Anchorage Farms. Brochures for the B&B are available.

  • Andreas moves to add a page about Anchorage Farm on APPROVED BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT.

     b) Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer

Please send nominations to

     c) Quarterly Meeting Dates

  • June 9th 2pm
  • Sep.  8th 2pm
  • Dec.  8th 2pm
  • March 15th 2020 2pm

Consider adding to bylaws an option to hold evening weekday meetings. Discuss at next meeting.

Picnic Dates

  • July 6th
  • Oct 12th

Hockey opening day Nov. 24th. Hockey discussion ensued. Positive feedback generally.

d) Greg Dugan requests presenting at next meeting to discuss fire awareness and roads.

e) Terry Ogerly gave an announcement about the upcoming IREA elections.

A true record.

HOA Meeting Minutes, September 29, 2018

Mountain Acres, Inc. Homeowners Association

Meeting minutes September 29, 2018

Number of members present: 14

  1. The first order of business was to elect new officers. Election results are as follows:

Nominations were received for the office of President. Austin Schaefer was elected as President for the next year.

To replace Austin as Vice-President, Mike LeFever was elected as the new Vice-President. 

Andreas Suter is the current Secretary/Treasurer and will remain so for the next year.

I will provide Austin with assistance and advice as needed to help him with his duties. In addition, I will continue to research the legalities and processes of getting assistance from the county and Colorado Natural Gas to get assistance with improving our roads and keeping the gas lines safe.

  1. The second order of business was to discuss leasing the building out as a residence.

After a lengthy discussion, it was agreeable to everyone to pursue making improvements to the building in order to lease it as a residence. Matt Sanders volunteered to start making contacts to determine early stages of information such as management companies and an entity to look at the building to identify what improvements to the building would be needed. As a minimum we know we would need a shower to be added along with a residential cook stove.

  1. The third order of business was to discuss review of the Association Bylaws.

The Association Bylaws should be reviewed every couple of years to ensure they remain in sync with our tax-exempt status with the IRS and the Colorado laws that govern homeowner’s associations and tax-exempt organizations. The first step will be for our new President and Vice-President to review the bylaws to become knowledgeable with them. They can then review the Colorado laws to become knowledgeable to ensure we remain in legal compliance.

HOA Meeting Minutes, June 27, 2018

Mountain Acres, Inc. HOA Meeting Minutes

June 27, 2018

Officers in attendance: Terry Ogerly, Andreas Suter

4 neighbors in attendance.

  1. Meeting came to order at 7:15 by President Terry Ogerly.



  1. Main topic was how to generate income with the community building. Cost-saving measures were discussed, including unplugging the fridge and canceling fire monitoring.
  2. A neighbor brought up the idea of renting the building as a single-family home since that’s what it’s currently zoned for. Discussion ensued.
  3. Andreas will reach out to local rental agents for opinions on how to spruce it up for renting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00

Recorded by Andreas Suter

HOA Meeting Minutes, May 20, 2017

Mountain Acres, Inc. HOA Meeting


May 20, 2017

Officers in attendance: Terry Ogerly, Andreas Suter, Matthew Sanders, Karen Griffin

8 neighbors in attendance.

  1. Meeting came to order at 10:04 by President Terry Ogerly.
  2. Minutes from last meeting were read
  3. Treasurer’s Report was read


  1. Information about lack of response about State Senator Tim Leonard


  1. Feedback about NETEO Internet Service
    1. Positive feedback from Austin (NETEO subscriber)
    2. If anyone knows a neighbor with NETEO, please let Terry know as we’d like to know how they like it
  2. Planning a cleanup day for the building and surrounding grounds
    1. Things needed: Indoor cleanup, clear brush around property, clear out shed (and take things to dump), repair gutter
    2. June 4th at 10am for clean-up day. Notice will be added to the website
  • Gathering Ideas for Future Events
    1. Pond Day/Picnic/HOA Meeting – June 24th
    2. Neighbors are asked to bring a side dish; HOA will provide the main course
  • Identifying a committee to begin the work on upgrading the building septic tank
    1. Discussion about pricing, timing, etc. ensued.
    2. Terry will meet with interested neighbors to devise action plan
  1. Cluster Mailbox Discussion
    1. Austin gave update. We will have to finance the entirety of the project, including the mailbox (contrary to previous information). 1 CBU (16 units) concrete slab + CBU (~$1400-$1500 total) vs. 3 CBU ($308 for 95 bags of concrete + 3 units + installation). $1700 installed by pro (1 CBU and slab)
    2. Location: Where do we want it? Dotty/Parker? In front of the HOA Building? Or over by the ponds (most likely)?
    3. $100-$150/Household estimated cost
      1. Bollards to protect CBU ~$100-$150/ea (est.)
    4. Alternative to CBU: Individual locking mailbox: $123/box
    5. Outgoing-only mailbox? Maybe on the South side of the boxes in front of the HOA building
    6. We need to send out information (posters/sign, online, etc.) to drum up support and get payment commitments

Meeting adjourned at 10:56

Recorded by Andreas Suter

HOA Meeting Minutes, April 20, 2017

Mountain Acres, Inc. HOA Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2017

Officers in attendance: Terry Ogerly, Andreas Suter

10 neighbors in attendance.

  1. Meeting came to order at 7:08 by President Terry Ogerly.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. We’ll need to review septic tank costs down the road to decide what we’ll do and how much it’ll cost.
  3. Nancy Staub, insurance agent for State Farm Insurance, spoke about important areas in your insurance policy along with issues that could impact your insurance premiums regarding wildfires in our area. She discussed defensible space and answered questions.
    1. The ‘reduce wildfire damage’ and ‘reducing wildfire risk’ trifolds from the meeting will be available on Slash collection information will be available on the site as well.
    2. Elk Creek will do a wildfire defense inspection of your property for $10.
  4. Austin brought up the idea of cluster mailboxes in the vicinity. He talked with the postmaster in Pine, about what it would cost to install. USPS will pay for the cluster itself but we’d need to finance and pour a concrete slab. Austin will get more details and report back. There was a signup sheet at the meeting, and please email Terry if you’re interested in a mailbox.

Meeting adjourned at 8:04

Recorded by Andreas Suter

HOA Meeting Minutes, February 16, 2016

Mountain View Lakes Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 10:04a.m.
Minutes read and accepted as read.

Treasure’s report
Update on Special Use Permit for HOA building:
• Not as easy as we thought.
• Must re-zone
• 1 st step: County will facilitate a community meeting.
• Total time to complete process: Approx 6 months
• Questions and concerns: Will there be an increase in property taxes if re-
zoned? What is the increase in noise and traffic?
Tori’sTot supdate:
• License: have everything setup before the state can come in and approve.
• Need 2 toilets if over 20 kids
• Target opening is July of 2016
• Need fire inspection certificate, health department certificate, and zoning papers.
Church has made some communication that they may be wanting to come back to the building.
Internet service:
• Neteo
• Many members present interested
• Will ask Neteo to come to meeting for Q&A
• Member to invite Woodside to see if any members interested in service.
Old Well
• Is it plugged?
• If so, need volunteer to cut off pipe and bury.
MaryAnn presented a list of repairs to the HOA building that need addressed:

• Boiler was installed in 1993. May need replaced/serviced soon (need estimate).
• Hole in front of building that use to be a vent. Needs covered/patched.
• All locks replaced (done).
• Replace seamless gutter.
• Outlets in bathrooms and kitchen need to be GFI’s (done).
• Stair lights outside, how do they work, where is the switch. (found)
• Baseboard heater that goes through wall in office needs to not go through the wall.
• Fix float in upstairs toilet (done).
• Repairs to shed.
• Need septic specs (done).
Presentation on new website beta.
• Overhauled and ready to go.
• Needs info to fill pages.
• May hook up to local WeatherUnderground.
• Open website. No login needed.
• Discussion about county rules regarding trees coming out of right of way.

Sparky would like to spearhead the road project which may move forward (legal counsel pending) when the weather clears.
Next Meeting set for March 16, 2016 at 6:30pm.
Meeting adjourned at 11:15a.m.

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