Mountain Acres Meeting Minutes 11/12/15

Meeting called to order at 10am. Board members present: Terry O., Matt S., Terry M.,
and Karen G.
Minutes from last meeting read and after a changing the use permit description to
“change of use”, minutes were approved as read.
Treasury report was read.

Building rental update:
Pre application made. 12/17/15 next meeting with Bev Evans with the Planning and
Zoning. Next step would be public meeting.
Work needed on building: Estimates on boiler inspection, thermostat replacements
and baseboard heater replacement/repair.
Tori Todd, potential renter, reports turning in all paperwork to County/State.
Introduced her director, Leslie.
Adjoining property neighbor in attendance voiced concern over plan for having a
pre-school in HOA building.
Road Update:
Terry O. attended the board meeting of Jeffco County Commissioners. If culvert on
Beverly road is replaced with a 48” pipe and brought to County standards, the cost
would be approximately $6,000 for the County and $4500 for the citizens. That
would be the worst case financial scenario.
Dirt move: Moved a “boat load” of dirt prior to first snow. Took dirt from end point
of washouts and filled where it started from.
Matt S. to look into ways of putting significant amount of money from the treasury
into financial short/long term investments or CD’s. Plan is to lock away money for
use only in emergency.
Colorado Lawyers Committee: Mary Ann invited herself to attend the symposium in
Motion regarding meeting minutes was made, seconded and approved as follows:
Minutes emailed to members in email database one week prior to posted meeting
Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.