Mountain Acres, Inc. HOA Meeting


May 20, 2017

Officers in attendance: Terry Ogerly, Andreas Suter, Matthew Sanders, Karen Griffin

8 neighbors in attendance.

  1. Meeting came to order at 10:04 by President Terry Ogerly.
  2. Minutes from last meeting were read
  3. Treasurer’s Report was read


  1. Information about lack of response about State Senator Tim Leonard


  1. Feedback about NETEO Internet Service
    1. Positive feedback from Austin (NETEO subscriber)
    2. If anyone knows a neighbor with NETEO, please let Terry know as we’d like to know how they like it
  2. Planning a cleanup day for the building and surrounding grounds
    1. Things needed: Indoor cleanup, clear brush around property, clear out shed (and take things to dump), repair gutter
    2. June 4th at 10am for clean-up day. Notice will be added to the website
  • Gathering Ideas for Future Events
    1. Pond Day/Picnic/HOA Meeting – June 24th
    2. Neighbors are asked to bring a side dish; HOA will provide the main course
  • Identifying a committee to begin the work on upgrading the building septic tank
    1. Discussion about pricing, timing, etc. ensued.
    2. Terry will meet with interested neighbors to devise action plan
  1. Cluster Mailbox Discussion
    1. Austin gave update. We will have to finance the entirety of the project, including the mailbox (contrary to previous information). 1 CBU (16 units) concrete slab + CBU (~$1400-$1500 total) vs. 3 CBU ($308 for 95 bags of concrete + 3 units + installation). $1700 installed by pro (1 CBU and slab)
    2. Location: Where do we want it? Dotty/Parker? In front of the HOA Building? Or over by the ponds (most likely)?
    3. $100-$150/Household estimated cost
      1. Bollards to protect CBU ~$100-$150/ea (est.)
    4. Alternative to CBU: Individual locking mailbox: $123/box
    5. Outgoing-only mailbox? Maybe on the South side of the boxes in front of the HOA building
    6. We need to send out information (posters/sign, online, etc.) to drum up support and get payment commitments

Meeting adjourned at 10:56

Recorded by Andreas Suter