Meeting Minutes:

3 resident/homeowners attended as well as 2 officers, President Austin Schaefer and Vice President Mike LeFever, for a total of 5 people.


  • Good turnout and added a few more members

Report of Officer: Budget

  • One deposit for sale of property. Otherwise, no unusual expenses/income

Discussion on what to do with other HOA properties. Ideas included:

  • Collection area for road base
  • Fire mitigation demonstration area – example of what is “fire mitigated”
  • Outdoor recreation/fitness area

Upate on bylaws:

  • Most recent draft will be posted to HOA website
  • The officers may ask members to vote on whether this version is worthy of sending to a lawyer for paid legal advice

Begin searching for a new president:

  • The current President, Austin Schaefer, will likely leave before his term has ended

Open discussion:

  • Fire mitigation: John Van Doren of Fire Adapted Bailey assessed the neighborhood. To provide for the community’s need, the HOA can support support fire mitigation education but, as a voluntary member organization, the HOA is not able to require or be responsible for ensuring that fire mitigation is carried through
  • Roads: The HOA does not own the roads; it is not the responsibility of the HOA to ensure the roads are safe, maintained, or otherwise cared for
  • Discussed insurance for Hockey/Ice skating related events. To protect the Association from liabilities.
  • Should we the officers purchase a sign to help inform our members. Website is not enough.