Mountain Acres, Inc. Homeowners Association

Meeting minutes September 29, 2018

Number of members present: 14

  1. The first order of business was to elect new officers. Election results are as follows:

Nominations were received for the office of President. Austin Schaefer was elected as President for the next year.

To replace Austin as Vice-President, Mike LeFever was elected as the new Vice-President. 

Andreas Suter is the current Secretary/Treasurer and will remain so for the next year.

I will provide Austin with assistance and advice as needed to help him with his duties. In addition, I will continue to research the legalities and processes of getting assistance from the county and Colorado Natural Gas to get assistance with improving our roads and keeping the gas lines safe.

  1. The second order of business was to discuss leasing the building out as a residence.

After a lengthy discussion, it was agreeable to everyone to pursue making improvements to the building in order to lease it as a residence. Matt Sanders volunteered to start making contacts to determine early stages of information such as management companies and an entity to look at the building to identify what improvements to the building would be needed. As a minimum we know we would need a shower to be added along with a residential cook stove.

  1. The third order of business was to discuss review of the Association Bylaws.

The Association Bylaws should be reviewed every couple of years to ensure they remain in sync with our tax-exempt status with the IRS and the Colorado laws that govern homeowner’s associations and tax-exempt organizations. The first step will be for our new President and Vice-President to review the bylaws to become knowledgeable with them. They can then review the Colorado laws to become knowledgeable to ensure we remain in legal compliance.