Mountain Acres, Inc. HOA Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2019

Officers in attendance: Austin Schaefer (President), Michael LeFever (Vice-President), Andreas Suter (Secretary/Treasurer).
14 neighbors in attendance. Called to order 2pm.

I) Reading of the minutes from previous meeting

II) Reports of officers

   a) Budget

   b) Intro of Updated Bylaws (PLEASE READ ATTACHED DOCUMENT)

Terry Ogerly gave an update from his discussions with the Secretary of State and DORA.

         1) Rental Agreement

Matthew Sanders spoke about his rental/bylaw research and what the bylaws need to specify to ensure we can rent it. Discussion ensued.

III) Unfinished business

      a) Questions for Bylaws and Rental Agreement

IV)  New Business

     a) Kris Cooper from Anchorage Farms

Kris introduced herself and talked about her history with the community. There is a B&B available at Anchorage Farms. Brochures for the B&B are available.

  • Andreas moves to add a page about Anchorage Farm on APPROVED BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT.

     b) Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer

Please send nominations to

     c) Quarterly Meeting Dates

  • June 9th 2pm
  • Sep.  8th 2pm
  • Dec.  8th 2pm
  • March 15th 2020 2pm

Consider adding to bylaws an option to hold evening weekday meetings. Discuss at next meeting.

Picnic Dates

  • July 6th
  • Oct 12th

Hockey opening day Nov. 24th. Hockey discussion ensued. Positive feedback generally.

d) Greg Dugan requests presenting at next meeting to discuss fire awareness and roads.

e) Terry Ogerly gave an announcement about the upcoming IREA elections.

A true record.